Making eyes for Mother’s Day: Merle Norman Knockout Nudes Eye Shadow

Whether Mom is wearing a mask or not, it’s clear that this season’s makeup focus is all about the eyes. But you or the moms in your life have probably gotten out of practice with cosmetics application and nobody is talking about this or that color for Spring/Summer, 2021. Have you seen how some folks are looking for their Zoom meetings? How about broadcast-from-home television personalities doing their own makeup for the first time? Eek! The whole point is, makeup is supposed to look like you, at your very best, but what can you use to hit the mark? What would make a great gift for Mother’s Day?

Merle Norman was a glamour gal 90 years ago who changed how women presented themselves and also, provided entrepreneurial opportunities that were rare in that era. Today, their Knockout Nudes Eye Shadow is useful tool for moms: I was happy to be hosted to experience it!

There are a lot of nude eye shadow kits out in the marketplace, but Merle Norman’s has several important points of difference. First, with a wide range of tones, from cool to warm, this kit will succeed in working for everyone. Also, there’s a nice mix of shimmer and matte shades, important for day vs. night and also, for shaping. Matte colors recede and textured colors highlight.

The kit has a double-ended brush: one side is larger and fluffier, for laying down lid color or stippling in crease contour. The other end is thin and stiffer, perfect for creating eyeliner.

The texture of the shadows have great pigmentation, without any grainy, flyaway particles.

Additionally, the nudes are that: spanning actual skin colors. So many kits remind me of hairdresser in the days of old: “(I’m bored with myself) Let’s do something different, let’s create your ‘do with a cheese grater.” There are kits out there that are “nude” red or “nude” purple, etc. That just doesn’t make sense to me. With Knockout Nudes, you’ve got a goof-proof way of making eyes.

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