The cornucopia of secret (and not-so-secret) flavors of Royal Hawaii Spirits

We recently discovered Royal Hawaii Spirits HERE. People might not realize, though, what a powerful portfolio of imaginative and high-quality spirits they have! I was happy to be hosted to experience a portion of their line. Some flavors are currently available only at their on-site tastings, but hopefully soon, people will be able to flock to Hawaii.

You might look askance at the concept of Kula Maui Onion Spirit Liquor, but it’s super versatile. The clear liquid has a toasted sweet onion nose, not sharp or raw. I experienced a nice grilled sweet onion flavor. There’s good body, warming, but not a harsh bite. How about adding some to a tomato cucumber onion salad marinade? I added some to a savory cheese aspic I made, instead of chopping onions and squeezing lemons for the recipe. An excellent drink with hamburgers!

Nori Vodka has a dark wood color. I experienced a big fresh nori seaweed nose. The flavor is just like nori, with a touch of smoke. I ordered in some sushi, it was absolutely perfect. Sushi can be very hard to pair. I also suggest it with any smoked fish or oily strong fish, like bluefish. Consider using it in sauces and salad dressings. Put some drops to finish an Asian soup.

Duke’s Dark Rum is honey colored. I noticed a floral bouquet nose. Flavor-wise, there’s some alcohol bite, brown sugar notes, but not overly sweet, definitely not syrupy. It has medium body. It sure makes for an easy drinking rum and Coke, refreshing, not candy like.

Pineapple Spirit is clear. I noticed a deep ripe fruit nose with a hint of sea salt. I tasted juicy fresh pineapple flavor with an alcohol bite. It’s not sweet. It will cut through rich coconut cream drinks or creamy fruit salad dressing. Add it to any light mixer, garnish with fresh mint.

They say:

Pineapple Spirit distilled from cold pressed pineapple and cane or 100% from Pineapple. Double silver and Bronze award from International Spirit Competition.

Bronze Medal award at 2019 Las Vegas Global Spirits Awards, Double Silver Award Medal from John Barleycorn Society. Bronze at Denver International Spirit Competition.

Aloha Spirit Refrigerate after opening! It’s apricot colored. I experienced a mango apricot papaya nose, very fragrant, with a rich consistency. I tasted fresh, very ripe tropical fruit flavor, not candy. Consider using it to baste roast duck! Add to ambrosia dressing, on shaved ice. Do marshmallow drizzle for a Hawaiian shave ice dessert. It has a super cute bottle.

They say:

Lilikoi Liqueur (Passion Fruit Liqueur)  double strong Lilikoi Style Mai-Tai  also available as Lilikoi Liqueur with less alcohol. Good As-Is. Excellent Chilled or on Ice Rocks. Unbelievable multitasker as poured over Pan Cakes, Pound Cake, Waffles, Cupcakes, Shaved Ice, Snow Cones, Ice cream, Whip Cream, Puddings, Mixed with  Beer or with Champagne as Mimosa, Insane with mineral water as seltzer, used as flavoring Syrup mixed with whiskey, rum, vodka gin, whiskey, soju, sochu, wine, beer

20%-30 % Alcohol 

Pipeline Surfer Ginger Cherry Flavored Rum is deepest mahogany colored. I noticed an aged cask rum nose, toffee. It has sweet rich rum flavor with fruit notes, then cherry comes out. It has a little kick of ginger, but not spicy. Very drinkable! Here’s something interesting to do with sweet potatoes: mix up butter, vanilla salt, mixed raisins and Pipeline Rum. You could do this with butternut and acorn squash.

They are able to bottle special label liquors — what a memorable gift for a special occasion! I tried a private label pineapple brandy. It was dark maple colored. I noticed rich, sweet ripe pineapple and brown sugar nose, salted caramel. Flavor-wise, I tasted warming, spice, brown sugar casked spirit with light tangy fruit notes. It’s handsomely packaged. Something told me to try some with Coke – so complimentary!

Strawberry Liqueur is Hawaiian Punch red. It has an intense super ripe strawberry nose, the outside of the berry, not the hull. It’s sweet but not cloying, more fresh. There was a little fresh rose hint. Just like with fresh berries, I suspected a little salt might go well: yes! A sea salt rim brings out intense flavors.

Hoku Silver Rum is clear. I noticed a vanilla extract nose. It’s very, very smooth! Flavor-wise, there are creamy notes, sweetness. It has alcohol notes, but no harsh bite. I made this: I had a candy pumpkin soufflé in the freezer and I made a topping: I sautéed German chamomile leaves from a plant I have that never flowers, with canned tropical fruits in their own juice, vanilla salt and Hoku rum. Excellent!

Dragon Fruit Spirit is super pale golden yellow. I experienced a ripe exotic fruit, apple juice, toasted champagne nose. It has a spicy alcohol bite with almond notes. It’s not sweet, definitely not frou frou.

Lilikoi Flavored Vodka is honey colored. I experienced a spicy fruit compote nose. I tasted fruit and almond extract flavors, some sweetness. There’s substantial body. No harsh alcohol bite, very drinkable.

Aloha Vodka is clear, I experienced a bitter almond extra powerful nose. There’s a hearty grain flavor, not burned alcohol. Vodka shouldn’t taste like nothing! It’s great straight or makes your cocktails more flavorful.

Coffee Spirit Liquor is clear. Hawaii is renowned for its gourmet coffee. I experienced a black coffee/smoky tobacco nose. It has espresso and smoky flavors .You can make very sophisticated drinks with this great digestif.

Hawaii Chili Pepper Vodka has a really meaty pepper nose, almost sun-dried.I tasted brightness, a little snap, vegetal notes. There’s some heat, but flavor in a flavorful way. It adds depth to a Bloody Mary, less ketchup-like. I used in it in a Bloody Mary aspic salad!

Mahalo Hawaiian Bourbon Whiskey has a medium golden color. I experienced a sweet caramel popcorn nose. Flavor-wsie, there are vanilla and buttered corn notes. Very easy drinking!

Razor Hog Spirits RHS Whisky has an amber color. I experienced a woody oak, spice nose. There’s a bite at first, then woody, then sweet vanilla notes. Powerful flavor! Try with an ice cube to open up flavors. If you mix it with your favorite coffee drinks, I suggest dark roast, so the vanilla notes stand out.

Bierschnapps is clear. I experienced a leafy, herbal nose and anise flavor notes. With intense flavors, this should become a popular shot.

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