Madam approved: Mettalusso has clean, easy beauty and treats for your pet

Face it: your BFF and roommate for this whole pandemic and cold winter — your dog or cat –might be as hermit-y/feral looking as you are these days, with the addition of smelling like pee. They’ve put up with a whole lot from you, you’ve gotta be nice to them — only Snoopy’s brother Spike seems able to pack a little suitcase and head west.

But getting an appointment at the groomer is a hassle and pricey. Are they coming out to the car or are you walking in? Is their next opening 2 months from now? Maybe you’re just not in the mood for one more thing to do: you already clean your house, disinfect, grab your mask, get your food, cook your food, clean your cookware, “contact all of your loved ones during lockdowns” (though my phone only seems to ring from pollsters, how ’bout you?), figure out your budget, figure out how to work out, figure out how to not lose your mind. Possibly, you’re not up for cleaning out your bath or stationary tub. Mettalusso, the clean, vegan and luxe line for people and pets, has a new, groovy product. I was happy to be hosted to experience it!

The great mind behind Mettalusso has come up with a solution that’s pure genius: Mettalusso More Cat and Dog Vegan Shampoo. Think of the times when you’d use a dry shampoo — except, this is a creamy foam. There are lots of times that you don’t want to do the whole run a bath, lather, rinse, clean routine. Maybe you’re not feeling well. Maybe Fido likes going out frequently and you know it takes hours for his coat to dry. Maybe you’re pressed for time. You pump out a couple of pumps of the natural vanilla scented creamy shampoo, apply and you can just wipe or rinse off!

I’m lucky that Madam doesn’t fight me too hard with baths, but it’s a production, including having to wash a bunch of big towels afterwards. She had become as of late, stinky and dusty.

The foam really does clean well and Madam really liked the scent, wanting to lick her own fur. That was fine, with such clean, few and natural ingredients. It left her coat so shiny, I’m eyeballing for myself . . .

I just gave her a brisk toweling and voila!

Mettalusso More Turkey Sweet Potato Treats are free of grain, added sugar, soy, corn, GMOs, waxes, glycerin and artificial anything. Just thinking of those ingredients probably induces you to run for the restroom, so imagine what they do for your fur baby’s digestive system! I smelled the coconut oil, turkey and sweet potato.

They caution that it’s for an occasional treat, though I will admit that Madam demanded a few in exchange for photo privileges!

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