Baltimore County’s cool new hangout: The Butler Cabin

If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you already know that I’ve traveled the world over, but am a super scaredy cat when it comes to driving. I definitely prefer sticking to the 2-lane country roads. In my ventures towards and across the Mason-Dixon Line, I saw a little old tavern — was it still open? As the weeks went by, I noticed it had a facelift. I couldn’t really peel my eyes off the curvy northern stretch of Falls Road. In a cursive font on their sign, I took “tv” for “RV”. What was this? Some sort of private camping venue for a large family? I never saw any RVs in front. I finally made up my mind one day to research it when I came home. It is The Butler Cabin, a restaurant/tavern/NFL sports bar and billards table. So much in one cute little cabin!

One of my partners in crime of over 30 years agreed for us to make a reconnaissance mission on Saturday afternoon. Doing my homework, I saw that it’s part of the same ownership as The Oregon Grille and The Valley Inn, both of which have their own charm. But that’s where the similarity ends: The Butler Cabin is deemed their “fun house”, which must translate to a lot of the things I was still seeking in a hangout — more relaxed, affordable prices, tasty food, welcoming staff. It’s open Tuesday – Sunday, with afternoon hours on the weekends. We were the first patrons of the day, which made for a good opportunity to check out the place.

It looks just like a Western mountain lodge inside, with light pine, touches of stone and vintage motorcycle paraphernalia — including a replica of the Triumph motorcycle that Steve McQueen rode in The Great Escape. I enjoyed grabbing the 2-top high table by the fire. On this winding stretch of “The Mason Dixon Byway”, riders enjoy the scenic way. And, in case you’re wondering, I would definitely feel comfortable stopping in alone.

cabin 2.JPG

There are a number of great snacks under $7, seriously! The baked pretzel with beer fondue cheese sauce ($5) has a touch of garlic — addictive. There are several gourmet hot dogs ($6.95), built on jumbo Angus dogs. I understand they are very popular, along with tacos and pizza.

cabin 4.JPG

I was very pleased with the lovely Cheese and Charcuterie board ($12): (was that) Buttermilk blue cheese (?), cream Havarti, fig jam, soppressata, prosciutto, smoked ham, buttered and toasted bagel crisps, pickles and roasted peppers. I will definitely  be ordering this again.

cabin 3.JPG

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