Untangle your hair like a pro with Harry Josh Pro Tools

Harry Josh is a Canadian-born celebrity hairdresser with his own line of professional style tools. He worked on the tresses of such glitterati as Gwyneth Paltrow, the Olsen twins and Tina Fey. Most of us put a great deal of effort into choosing our shampoos and conditioners, yet shrug our shoulders when it comes to combs and brushes. But they can either preserve our destroy your hair upon the first use! It makes a difference. I was happy to be hosted to experience his Wooden Paddle Brush.

If you have straight hair, a straight style — of any texture — or about to use a flat iron, a paddle brush is your new best buddy. It has a large, squarish face with a rubberized balloon cushion. Built into the cushion are longer bristles with nylon ball tips. Nylon ball tips are critical for protecting your hair — they won’t tear at your tresses — and provide a scalp relaxing and stimulating massage with each stroke. The smooth and lightweight frame/handle won’t tire out your arms and looks classic on a dressing table.

This brush can be used on wet or dry hair, even while blow drying.

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