Get your skin glowing for fall with Primera Alpine Berry Water Cream

When your summer tan fades and the weather gets cooler, you’ll see and feel that your complexion has different needs. Healing sunburns, dehydration, signs of chapped, irritated skin need a solution . . . but you don’t need or want the heavy, occlusive potions of winter. Primera Alpine Berry Water Cream will give you very swift results that are perfect for this time of year. I was happy to be hosted to experience it!

This “clean formula” cream is made in Korea, where the K Beauty craze took off. It’s all about taking proper care of yourself!

Skin-nutritious ingredients include coconut derived oils, wild Alpine strawberry and blackberry, artemisia (an herb credited with many healing qualities) and Vitamin E. The wild Alpine strawberries grow in harsher mountain conditions, making them hardier. The berries provide natural antioxidants to your skin.

It has a light, whipped lotion consistency. It applies easily, with great glide and absorbs right away. Skin is hydrated, but you can apply makeup of any format on top. You won’t feel greasy or itchy with waxy or oily unguents.

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