Crushing on new John Frieda hair care, including Violet Crush

Did you know that according to a study, almost half of American women color their hair at home or at home in combo with their stylist? I’m one of them and have been for 35 years. And, as an aside, the only product line I’ll use for that are the consistent, elegant colors of John Frieda. I order them online and have them sent to the house. I also have started going to the salon for highlights/lowlights, as doing them myself seems to wreck my life. These are all investments that I want to protect. That’s why I was ecstatic to be hosted to experience a few of their newest products.

Sheer Blonde Violet Crush Purple Shampoo and Conditioner gives a fix to brassy color the first time you use it. It has pure violet pigments to counteract yellow tones. So, if after a day in the sun, that selfie you took looks a little tacky, you can fix yourself immediately. Blondes should consider using this at least every few shampoos and certainly, before occasions when you want to look your most elegant, like a job interview — not like some bleached moll in a gangster flick. If you have stubborn brassiness, they advise using it every day until your color perfection is achieved.

They suggest leaving the shampoo in for 2-3 minutes, but the conditioner can be rinsed out right away. It’s also advised to rinse your hands after use.

John Frieda’s product claim to fame was the Frizz Ease line. Now, everyone could have “good hair” without dangerous chemicals or expense. The line is always evolving, with additions to the serums.

Do you have curly or wavy hair like I do and apparently, my mom does? All my life, she must have been blowing out and setting her hair. I thought it was straight! It’s straight in all of the classic photos I have of her, from her wedding to my dad, to her elegant pics with pearls . . . all straight. I wondered where my hair came from! At some point after she retired, she decided to cut her hair and let it do its thing. I’m sure it’s so much healthier and certainly, she’s not a slave to chemicals or heat appliances anymore. If you’re looking for no fuss, chic styling for your natural hair, you’ll appreciate Frizz Ease Air-Dry Waves Styling Foam. No more hair dryers! It’s not sticky or crunchy. It gives some direction and a light control, light sheen — so that you look like you. I still enjoy using it with some serum, because my hair, when wet, is hard to comb through. But you will definitely like how touchable and real your hair feels.

Frizz Ease Secret Weapon Touch-Up Creme is definitely your weapon for when your hair is unexpectedly weird. Just come in from a rainstorm and the frizz is exploding? Or, you’ve had a long car or train ride, with your head smushed against the seat. Maybe hat head or — as they suggest — morning bed head is making you miserable? You only need a small bit that you run through the ends of your hair — emulsify it in your palms first. Avocado oil moisturizes and seals that fried, crispy look away. It has a silky, light, lotion consistency and floral fragrance.

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