Treat your face as a work of art with Dutch artist makeup line Ellis Faas

I first discovered the Ellis Faas makeup line in the duty-free catalog of KLM airlines while flying home from Amsterdam. I noticed that it seemed so elegant, so unique. Recently, I learned that KLM was cutting out their onboard duty-free shopping. But don’t panic! You can order their products from a US warehouse. I was happy to be hosted to experience some of their newest products.

Dig deep into the Ellis Faas line here, here, here and here. Ellis Faas is a real person! As a youngster in Holland, she dabbled in fashion design before becoming one of Europe’s most acclaimed photographers. She often used herself as a model, giving herself more photo opportunities by changing her look with makeup. She soon found that she liked the makeup part of the job better than the photography part.

After taking makeup courses in the Netherlands and Paris, she became highly in demand for top editorial and runway makeup.

While there are lots of makeup artist cosmetic lines out there, this is a line created by a true fine artist.

Her greatest points of difference in her eponymous makeup line include her sense of how color works with all skin tones — her reds are famous for mimicking blood — as well as the art supply style formula consistencies and her built-in applicators. She gives you the skills to create art on your face.

Ellis Faas has created lip products in several finishes. Hot Lips is a new stain that is perfect for this year’s Spring/Summer season. The applicator tip on the end of the long, metal bullet is like a felt tip marker. Hot Lips come in several bright shades rich in Vitamin E, yet not sticky. They are unscented and unflavored. They are completely weightless and textureless. Use the tiniest dot at first; you can layer them for more intensity, like Kool Aid on your mouth. They have excellent longevity.

Creamy Eyes is a liquid eyeshadow that has skin-lifting properties — so you don’t have to glop on eye cream. It incorporates para cress flower and coffee extract to increase collagen and elastin production: that’s what will keep your eyelids from looking crepey and old! The eye shadow comes in a satin finish that applies with a doe-foot applicator. It is water resistant and won’t crease/shift. While there’s a selection of “color-colors”, the many neutrals are indispensable. They range from light to deep, cool to warm. Use them as shadows or, with a dabbing onto a fine brush applicator, use as a liner. These neutrals, such as E125, are perfect for the workday. On those occasions when I have to make the trek into the office, I practically have to wake up in the middle of the night. It’s easy to give some depth and structure to your eyes without having to be exact. It’s very forgiving and gives a beautiful, elegant look.

Lights is a glitter highlighter for eyes that doesn’t have the texture of glitter! It’s sheer and weightless. Apply it directly over a base shadow and let it dry or delicately apply it with your fingertip. Because it’s liquid, you can create different effects: I made a shooting star effect to the side of my eyes. It applies with a doe-foot applicator and comes in traditional metal colors, as well as more some brighter and richer flower tones.

I have had many women tell me that they “don’t know how to do eyeliner”. I think when they say that, they mean, liquid eyeliner. Certainly, in the past, when eyeliner came with thick, wet brushes the size of those from nail polish, it was hard to know what to do with them. I myself usually stuck with pencils and maybe some of the dryer pastes. But with Ellis Faas Eyeliner, it is seriously easy to work it! The super matte black or brown color comes in the beloved, easy to hold metal bullet. The brush is not overly long and it’s ultra thin. You will be able to tightline, swoop, add thickness, whatever look you want. I promise.

I’m very picky — but also confounded — by mascara. If you go to a drugstore, you’ll often find a dozen different kinds, even within the same brand. “But what is it really like and how will my lashes actually look?” Ellis Fass Mascara is the least goopy mascara I’ve ever used. It lengthens without looking spiky and the lashes are very separated, defined and “combed”. Yeah, you can definitely throw out that futzy eyelash comb. Like the eyeliner, it comes in brown and black. As I was applying it, I breezily thought, “Oh! It’s like a lash tint!” Then, I looked at my other eye, the undone one. Heh, heh, heh. My other eye looked like a newborn parrot. Ellis Faas Mascara makes you look like you were born with naturally longer, darker lashes. It’s made with Senegalese acacia and natural waxes.




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