The pride of Oregon: Mother Peach Caramels [classic article]

All of my life, my favorite dessert flavor has been caramel. I love dairy products in general, so flavors of butter and cream hit the mark. But I’m picky! Not all caramels are created equal. The proportion of sugar to salt to dairy is crucial, as is texture. Soft is good! Teeth breaking is bad. Mother Peach Caramels out of Oregon is award-winning for great reason; I was happy to be hosted to experience it.

The Hazelnut Caramel Corn will remind you of the famous stuff in boxes, but it’s so much more sophisticated! It has fresh Oregon hazelnuts. It’s not as cloyingly sweet and the hazelnuts add an intriguingly different flavor for those of us more used to Southern nuts. I’d say it has a European dessert quality and I’m sure if the Europeans knew of this confection, they’d serve it in a little dish along with dessert coffees. So, make your own chic restaurant at home and do it yourself!

The caramels come in a variety of flavors, including (traditional) caramel, chocolate and hazelnut. They’re soft and buttery, not too sweet or too salty. They’re very satisfying! Here’s what they say about them:

A food professional with over 25 years of experience, Mother Peach has been making caramels since the age of 10, inspired by her passion for cooking and love of sweets. Through the years she perfected her recipe and technique until she came up with these exquisite treats so beloved by family and friends. Now, after 30 years, she’s finally sharing them with the rest of the world.

With each small batch, Mother Peach combines her passion, skill, and exacting standards with the freshest high-quality ingredients. The result is meticulously crafted caramels that are soft, rich, and downright addictive. In the words of Mother Peach: “That’s the beauty of homemade.”

Mother Peach Caramels has been selected for the 2014 Best of Portland Award in the Candy & Confectionery category by the Portland Award Program.

The award is given for exceptional marketing success in the local community displaying a positive image of small business through service to customers.

The award focuses on the business practices used by Mother Peach Caramels to implement programs and generate competitive advantages and long-term value, which contribute to Portland’s community and economy.

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