Mehron: gorgeous, makeup artist looks for all skin colors

Though some theatrical makeup lines have broken through to the general public’s conscious, you may never have heard of Mehron. But you should! If you’ve seen any of those fantastic effects photos on IG or FB, chances are you’ve seen Mehron products. The 90 year old company creates products that work under extreme conditions of theater and film: heat, light, outdoor sets. Mehron was and is used on the sets of Black Swan, Cirque de Soliel, Phantom of the Opera, Shrek the Musical, The Lion King, New York City Ballet, and hundreds of TV and movie productions. I was happy to be hosted to experience it!

One thing’s for certain about cosmetics application: if you’re looking to cover something up, you want it to look natural and to stay put! Celebre Pro-HD Correct-It Palette is a silky cream consistency that has colors that will work for a wide range of skin tones, especially medium to deep. The easily blending pigments contain aloe, Vitamin E and antioxidant pomegranate

You may wonder how to use the unusual shades. Here’s a loose guide:

Lavender can “wake up” olive skin tones, brightening them subtly without having to overdo blush. It can also create a strobing effect for the deepest tones, without any pearl or glitter. This is important if you have wrinkles or breakouts.

Yellow — in this case, a creamy eggnog color — can highlight medium tones or help with dark circles, bruise coverage.

The green can be a lifesaver, especially for fair skin. If you have burns or massively bright blemishes, use a dab of green under your normal concealer. I was in a fire once and a silky green cream helped me face (if that’s not too bad a pun) the world.

The various orange tones work to cover dark under eye circles on even the darkest skin.

For you makeup artists, travelers and even de-clutterers, you will love E.Y.E. Cream! It comes in several colors from fanciful to skin toned. The cream to powder formula is richly pigmented and can be used as a primer, shadow, liner or as an easy to use paint pot for designs. Use a short-haired (synthetic) brush or your finger!

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