An elegant you in 2019 with Jane Iredale cosmetics

Depending on where you shop and the circles in which you travel, you may or may not have heard of the cosmetics line, Jane Iredale. I was happy to be hosted to experience it! It’s generally sold at luxe spas and day spas and also, at A-list plastic surgeons’ offices. Surgeons would not be encouraging use of products that would be deleterious to the work they do!

Their mineral-based products are free of parabens, talc, phthalates, synthetic fragrance, fillers and GMO ingredients and their non-comedogenic formulas won’t clog pores. The line is dermatologist and allergy tested.

One of Jane Iredale’s strengths, along with it being a line that’s non-irritating to skin, is its elegant color range. It’s neither boring, nor teeny-bopper, nor inappropriate/outlandish. You’ll look both au courant and lovely for anything from a job interview, important luncheons, photographs, dinner dates.

The Eye Shadow Kit is packaged in a slim, oval shaped, gold-tone case: so beautiful in an evening bag! It now comes in 6 color collections. As you can see with the Prince homage kit, Purple Rain, there’s a lot of color consideration that went into this. There’s an all-around base or highlighter that’s a sheer — not cakey — white with micro-glitter. Though all the other colors are forms of pink and purple, they still have a balance of yellow and blue undertones, so that any skin color can wear them well. They don’t have that 1970s disco look! Rather, it’s more about lilac and deep plum tones.

Lip gloss can be alluring, but it’s hard to get right. Sometimes, the colors don’t apply well or it’s too greasy looking. I know this reference will date me, but here goes: one time as a little kid, I was watching Dallas with my aunt. She has a PhD from Harvard and an MBA from the Sloane School of Management at MIT. She did a stint working for the White House. So, there was this character on the show, Afton Cooper. Her mouth always looked runny and my aunt remarked, “That’s too much lip gloss.” J.R. Ewing was always pushing her around and I kinda thought, maybe that wouldn’t happen if she didn’t look so sleazy! I know, I know. It was before the #MeToo movement. At any rate, you want your lips to look moist, not sloppy. PureGloss comes in nice, bright flower and earth tone shades — nothing gimmicky and perfect for Spring! They have a slight fruit scent. They’re soothing and balm-like, though nicely pigmented; they’re opaque enough to hide flaws. The fluid comes with a new sort of doe-foot applicator, a helix shape that hugs the curves of your lips.






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