Get a juicy complexion for the New Year with Sothys

Ever since the time of Louis XIV, “The Sun King”, French culture has been at the forefront of beauty and luxury. For over 70 years, French skincare company Sothys has been combining natural ingredients with the best scientific know-how. Today, their team includes bio-chemists, biologists, pharmacists, physicists and master estheticians. Just when you’re trying to do the “New Year, New You” thing, achieving your best, your skin is fighting the ravages of winter. Fortunately, they have efficacious products suitable for everyone! I was happy to be hosted to experience the line.

According to several scientific studies, hyaluronic acid can hold many times its weight in water. It’s also used as a filler to plump lines in plastic surgery procedures. So, it’s no wonder hyaluronic acid is a genius ingredient in skincare!

The Hydra 3Ha Hydration line can be used by everyone, even with combination skin. These products add moisture, instead of oils or waxes. The Intense Hydration Serum has a lotion consistency and barely any fragrance. Layer it under the light, but silky Hydrating Youth Cream for extra effectiveness. They recommend using it twice a day. I say, if you can only use it once a day, use it at night to prevent central heating from dehydrating you. Why not wake up looking “like this”? I was shocked how moist, yet not greasy or broken out, my complexion was in the am! It’s not greasy or heavy.

If you also use it with your morning routine, you’ll find the application of cream consistency cosmetics to be the smoothest.

I have a great tip: when using these hyaluronic acid rich products at night, use a humidifier in your bedroom! It doesn’t have to be fancy — get a cheap one at the all-night drugstore. This helps the hyaluronic acid do its thing: attract water to plump up your skin! Just be sure that if it’s the kind you add salt to for steam, that you keep it far away from wood furniture . . . or else, you’ll have a refinishing project on your hands! Ask any sailor.


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