Make your eyes beautiful with diamonds! G.M. Collin Diamond Eye Contour

I’m not going to do that 10 years meme thing, but I did peep into the mirror and take stock of things. The biggest change that I’ve seen over the years is around my eye area. It’s hard to find something that works on the laugh lines and the contours of the eye. Usually, one is too thick or too thin to work on the other. G.M. Collin is an upscale French skincare company founded in the 1950s by a French dermatologist who pioneered using collagen on burn victims. I wish I had known him when a gas stove blew up in my face! Well, I’m certainly glad to have been hosted to experience it now!

Because the eye area is a big indicator of age, G.M. Collin has a number of products to tackle various problems.

Diamond Eye Contour really does help and quickly at that! It has actual luxurious diamond powder! But don’t fear that the product is glittery or gritty whatsoever. It’s got a serum consistency in pump form with just a glow. It also has efficacious ingredients like niacinamide, watermelon extract — which I bet is working on the puffiness, because eating it helps with a puffy tummy! — Vitamin E and squalene.

It feels cool upon application (even without storing it in the fridge, which some people do). It dries fairly quickly, but I would suggest waiting a minute and applying a sheer setting powder before other cosmetics.

I noticed a dramatic softening of laugh lines within just a couple of days. They say it’s for all skin types and I would have to agree; it’s effective on lines, but silky enough as preventative care on younger complexions.

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