Self-care in 2019: Glo Skin Beauty

We’ve been hearing a lot about self-care for the new year. If you’re looking to make a head-to-toe change, but don’t know where to start, consider this: getting gorgeous skin and keeping it that way, will make you feel great. Glo Skin Beauty is one-stop shopping for all skin types! You don’t have to piecemeal a skin care regimen from a bunch of brands, as this company has products to address many skin concerns. For example, they have four different eye products! I was happy to be hosted to experience it.

They combine plant ingredients with antioxidants in innovative formulas.

Exfoliation is the key to unclogging pores and getting rid of dull skin, but you have to be careful! One of those famous bristle devices pretty much left my face in shreds! Glo Skin Beauty actually has 7 (!) different scrubs, if you count their body product. To address all of your exfoliating needs, you have to have both physical and chemical exfoliation. Refreshing Facial Polish works on different layers. Jojoba (non-scratchy, environmentally friendly) and papaya enzymes work with aloe vera, lavender, mint and sage. It has a lotion consistency with a slight grit. My easily irritated skin — I have burn scars — was not irritated and felt very smooth.

They’ve got 6 (!) toners! Balancing Mist is very refreshing and cooling; it feels like you kept it in the refrigerator, even if you didn’t. It has a faint citrus-herbal scent. Grapefruit peel oil, watermelon extract, lentils, apples and grapes provide naturally refining acids in a gentle format.

After a certain age, those sunspots seem to get darker, larger and don’t fade well. You might not see them in your bathroom light, but in daylight, they’re there. I was shocked this summer when I took a selfie up in a glider. I thought, “I’m spotted! What??” Aside from the obvious — stay out of the sun — Lightening Serum will help. It’s a sheer red fluid that dries instantly. Use it all over your face or as a spot treatment. It’s effective without a burning sensation.

Daily Power C+ is an oil-free serum that dries instantly. They recommend using it in the morning and it definitely didn’t interfere with my application of cosmetics . . . no pilling or melting. It has a non-oxidizing 20% Vitamin C, very important for long-term anti-aging through brightening and strengthening.

Dark circles and puffiness look gross. You just don’t appear well cared-for. Eye Restore is a silky lotion that’ll work on dark circles and puffiness without being greasy or waxy to apply makeup over. It has healthy ingredients like avocado oil, allantoin, grapeseed oil, Vitamin E and Vitamin K, to work on those dark circles and provide soothing moisture.

If you’ve gotten away from using eye shadow in your beauty routine, because “it just doesn’t do anything”, you probably don’t use Eye Primer. I tried many formulations over the years and Glo Skin Beauty’s is good. It starts as a light peachy-flesh cream that instantly absorbs into your skin, with no trace. It’s instantly dry and won’t interfere with any powder or cream application of makeup. It leaves a smooth, dry surface and prevents the color from shifting or being absorbed by your skin. It makes it easier to lay down powder.

Once you have a great complexion, you need to use healthy products to not undo the damage! Their eye shadows are mineral-based and come in a number of luxurious, nature-based colors. People will notice the beautiful color of your eyes, which is how it should be.

Their lip gloss comes in a range of shades and finishes. Safflower seed oil, Vitamin E and aloe contribute to softer lips.

Soothing Sugar Melt is a body exfoliant you use in the shower. It’s gel based, so it rinses easily, but still leaves your body very silky. It smells like delicious marzipan candy!

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