Work out your jet lag (and everything else) at Reykjavik, Iceland’s Natura Spa

After a lengthy transatlantic flight — but before check-in — I’ve always advocated heading to the hotel spa for whatever treatments are available. It’s an opportunity to un-kink, shower, sprawl out for a nap, drink fruited or minted pure water. It’s also an opportunity to collect your thoughts and even, if need be, ditch your travel companion for a teeny bit.

The Natura Spa at Reykjavik’s Hotel Natura definitely fit the bill! I was happy to be hosted to experience it.

The spa has beauty treatments and massages, using ultra-luxe Icelandic skincare products. There’s also a spa area open to outsiders and at a special rate, to hotel guests, for what currently works out to be about $25 a day. You can rent towels and swimsuits, if need be.

For shaking that upside-down, Alice in Wonderland sensation of jet lag, they’ve really created a wonderful design. The lights in the water area are kept at dawn colors, blues and mauves. They’re easy on the eyes. The hot tub is soothing. Also soothing, maybe surprisingly, is the warm saltwater-filled pool. There are foam noodles and these foam headgear near the pool, but I wasn’t eager to put shared headgear on my head.


There is a steam room and dry Finnish-style sauna, whose entrance has red lights: it psychologically feels so warming! Steam is a great thing to indulge in after a dehydrating long airline flight. Dry heat is good for aches and pains.

Outside the pool area is a very Icelandic-looking lounge area, with blond wood and a roaring fire. Chaise lounges abound with knit blankets, surrounded by interesting English and Icelandic books on such topics as gardening and healthy living. Speaking of which, there is a menu to order light fare as you relax.


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