Icelandic breakfast buffet at Hotel Natura’s Satt restaurant

European hotels are known for their breakfast buffets, but Satt at Reykjavik’s Hotel Natura takes things to a different level, with locally produced dairy products, locally caught fish and house-made breads — all served in a classic Icelandic style. I was happy to be hosted to experience it! The breakfast buffet is open from 6:30 am to 10:00 am, 7 days a week, not to be confused with the weekend brunch buffets, which start later in the day.

The dining room, complete with several arm chairs, coffee tables and roaring fire, is kept low-lit — for that cozy Nordic “hygge” feeling.

If you go for a vegetarian, clean breakfast, there are local drinking yogurts, the thicker Skyrs — I loved the blueberry flavor! — flaked cereals, museli, oatmeal, along with a number of toppings, like pumpkin seeds, hazelnuts, raisins.


Their fresh breads and crackers also are Nordic style, with hearty crusts, seeds, whole grains. Yes, your low-carb resolve will be completely dissolved, especially spread with local rich butter brand Smojr.

For protein, there are a number of Icelandic options. Several kinds of pickled herring are served in Ball canning jars. There are soft boiled, hard boiled and scrambled eggs. Check out the rich orange of this unfiltered photo!


There are a few cold cuts, which might be the ticket if you have severe jet-lag and want a sandwich. Also, they have a couple of seafood salads: salmon and tuna. Usually, I love tuna salad and salmon, not so much. Their salmon salad with chopped asparagus and dill was so great, with rich, eggy mayo, that I would fill up on that every morning and never even sampled the tuna salad! We’re talking first thing in the morning! That’s how good it was.



There was also silky, luscious house-made gravlax!

For a couple of mornings, I bypassed the huge bottle of cod liver oil, alongside little liqueur glasses. I wondered about trying it . . . was it a laxative? Or was it a necessary source of Vitamin D for those super short daylight days? I contacted a nutritionist, who said I should be trying it. So, I did! It was very fishy, but not super gross. I didn’t want to buy and shlep a huge bottle home, but maybe if I saw Icelandic cod liver oil in the store here, I’d pick some up.


To drink, there was a canned or frozen juice machine, gourmet teas, coffee and their marvelously pure water.


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