Delicious, nutritious to keep on hand: Tribali Foods Mini Sliders

You’re dizzyingly busy, tired, can’t leave the house, don’t want to order in. You want something great to eat that’s good for you. Perhaps you have additional concerns: eating organic and humanely raised animals. Tribali Foods was created by single mom, runner, cyclist, Greek-American Angela Bicos Mavridis. I was happy to be hosted to try it!

You can now buy their burgers and mini sliders at Target. Now. I wish-wish-wish they had been there last year. The very last time I saw my ex before we went splitsville, we were at Target; if these terrific products had been there then, I would’ve cleaned out the store. I would’ve been in much healthier, happier shape when unexpectedly finding myself on my ownsome. I’m sure there are people you love, including yourself, who might possibly need a hand. You really need to keep quality food in the freezer! Seriously, you just never know. My BFF Janice Malone, editor of Film Festival Radio, came to visit during a flood. It was freezer raiding time, for sure. And, guess what? It seems like I’m in the middle of a flood about once every few weeks these days. I often work late, as well, and want something good and good for me.

Ms. Mavridis grew up in Greece, with the fresh, healthy dining culture. She’s also athletic. There came a time when she felt tired and bloated — and isn’t that a bunch of us, a lot of the time?! — and realized that the Mediterranean/Paleo/Organic life was the key to being her best. The key to being well is eating well. No doubt, Ms. Mavridis knows about these concepts as articulated by ancient Greek culinary philosophers like Hippocrates, Plato and Epicurius.

So, what are they like? Chicken Apple Sliders have a meaty umami flavor. They’re neither bland, nor overly sweet. They come pre-seasoned with apples, sage, thyme and a touch of nutmeg. They’re fresh tasting! They don’t have that salt-preservatives metallic flavor that so many frozen foods have. They’re juicier and richer tasting than most ground chicken patties. They suggest adding fixing like bacon, Gruyere or arugula.  I think they’d be great during the Thanksgiving season, topped with a little cranberry sauce — ’cause not all of us are up for or able to carve a roast pelagornis sandersi. I think these sliders would be great on raisin toast! They’re lower in calories than a lot of meat, so that’s good to consider.

Pork Sliders are seasoned with a hint of fennel, thyme, sage and a bit of spice, not overly salty. The sliders taste Southern to me! Accordingly, they are oh-so-good with sweet pickle chips. They suggest serving them as a breakfast sausage with eggs and avocado, or topping with tomato and onion. I think they’d be perfection with cheese biscuits, topped with a bit of honey mustard. They are juicy and crisp well on the outside.

They suggest pan frying as the best method. I tried a few ways and I liked “dry” frying in my enameled cast-iron pan — I was able to get a better sear and control the cooking.


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