Sweetie, breakfast doesn’t have to be sweet at Corning, NY’s Poppleton Bakery

It’s funny . . . some adults have stayed away from bakeries for years because of sugar. You probably think a bakery is just a place for cookies and cakes. If you’re watching your diet, conscious of carbs and general nutrition, you might be tempted not to be tempted! But don’t let a name get in the way of starting your day right: Poppleton Bakery has something for everybody. I was happy to be hosted to experience it!

Poppleton Bakery is on a charming street in Corning, NY’s historic Gaffer District, right in the Finger Lakes. Like a few other area stores, they have restored the exposed brick walls inside. A cool thing about bakeries is that they’re always open early — people need their freshly baked goods!



You can go as healthy or indulgent as you please. I tried a spinach crepe with eggs, spinach, basil, tomato, feta, basil aioli and almonds. I’m no RD, but I know that quality protein, fiber, multi-colored fruits/veggies and “good” fats are good for you! It’s important while traveling to make sure that at least some of your meals give you what you need. I also had a side of fruit salad.

If you’ve got a little Mae West in you — if you generally avoid temptation, unless you can’t resist it — the fig and bourbon crepe, with sliced apple, melted brie, fig/bourbon/walnut compote — should probably call your name.

For a calorie-free start to your day, they serve a selection of coffees from Finger Lakes Coffee Roasters. One of their most popular flavors is the tasty Jamaican Me Crazy: cinnamon, rum, pecan.

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