A secret Maryland get-together spot: Antrim 1844’s Pickwick Pub

What’s even more chic and intimate than a glamorous hotel bar? A grand inn’s bar! Carroll County, Maryland’s Antrim 1844 has a secret little pub that’s open to the public: Pickwick Pub. I was happy to be hosted to experience it!

So, the bar opens at 2:30 pm and is generally open until midnight, depending on how busy the inn is, etc. It’s tucked into the back of the inn’s main building, with low tables and sofas fireside within, a few tables in the hallway with a flat screen tv, as well as access to the outside patio. Inside, there are vintage prints and etchings, as well as lots of red tartan and low lighting. Very clubby and you don’t have to belong to a club. You don’t even have to be staying overnight at the inn!


They have a phenomenal collection of very rare whiskeys and Scotches. People coming here tend to favor them, but there’s also a nice selection of bourbons and they’re developing a more sophisticated cache of vodka. Maybe you’re a cocktail person! The bartender can make classic drinks with aplomb.

So, what are some occasions you might want to seek out this elegant corner of the world? Perhaps you need an out of the way place to discuss discreet business matters. Maybe you want to set the right tone for a meaningful first (or subsequent) date. Or, you could want to laugh and talk after a wonderful dinner at the Smokehouse. You might even want to do what I did several years ago: put on a lovely chapeau and watch the Kentucky Derby or Preakness on the flat screen!

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