Dry that ‘do in a snap: Aquis luxe hair turban

Aquis towels have been prized by beautiful women and celebrities for about 25 years, as an effective way to dry your hair more quickly, without damage. I was happy to be hosted to experience it! Why do I say, “women”? Because, let’s face it: guys aren’t doing that 70’s-80’s blow dried look anymore and feel perfectly fine walking out the door with damp hair.

So, what makes their core product so unique? First, it’s woven by thin, lightweight Aquatex fibers. They quickly wick away water, cutting down on the swollen, blown out cuticles of wet hair. So, what about piling your big bath towel on top of your head, like Anne Marie in That Girl? The heaviness pulls and stresses your tresses when they’re at their very weakest. Secondly, it results in a more even and thorough drying process than hair dryers — which they say should only be used for styling and shaping your hair.

Now, they have a couple of hands-free turbans, including the Lisse Luxe Hair Turban, especially perfect for delicate, weak hair. It took me a minute to wrap it — just follow the illustration. You bend over, with the bottom end of the turban cradling your head, shaped like a tear drop. Then, twist – twist – twist. Take that rope and button it back, like a tail.

This frees your hands to do your makeup, get dressed, do whatever. The turban has been noted to dry your hair in 50% of the regular time. I used it in two different situations. First, I washed my hair and went to bed. Normally, without drying it with a blow dryer, I’d wake up like Bride of Frankenstein. Instead, I had little ringlets . . . yes, I have curly hair without the dryer! Then, I used it when cleaning up from the gym on my way to a piano recital, leaving not enough time to get ready, as is my wont. While I won’t claim that I walked out the the door with an Alexandre de Paris ‘do, but it was quickly dried and presentable!

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