Easily do the chic halo makeup look with AmazingCosmetics

The latest makeup trend was easy to predict: 80s contouring a la Kim K went to strobing — the innocent sister in the bone shaping world. This evolved into the “halo look”, which is a more unabashed highlighting of facial structure. It can come in colors, frosts, glitters, powders, creams. But you want to do the trend without looking cartoonish. With AmazingCosmetics Illuminate Primer-Highlighter, you can stay in control of placement and layering. I was happy to be hosted to experience it!

It comes in 3 colors, so all skin tones can indulge: Glow (whitish silver), Bronze and Rose. Depending on your tone, you may choose to use another color, just in a different way. Think of this product as a possible underbase, primer, tone corrector, face gloss, highlighter, cream blush mix-in and even body makeup!

The product is sheer with easily buildable coverage. Rose is a coral rose with gold micro-shimmer. If you are very fair skinned, use it as part of the top part of your blush, on your earlobes, highlighting the bow of your lips. Darker skins can use it as a very subtle sheen. Do those “C” shapes around your eyes for bone definition. It’s really quite versatile!

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