Clean snacking that’s actually tasty: Pereg

When I was a kid and the first “health food” restaurant buffet moved into town, my dad declined to join us for dinner. “That’s just a bunch of bird food,” he laughed. And back then, he was right! And yet, most grown-ups know that we just can’t eat whatever we want and still be well, look well, feel well. But what do we do about cravings?

The problem with most snack bars on the market are . . . they’re full of crap. I’ve worked with two different nutritionists over the past few years and they both warned about those mass market cereal bars and “energy bars” are pretty much candy. So many have corn syrup, artificial ingredients and preservatives. But now, there’s something different!

Now — if that can fairly be said about a family-owned business that started out as a spice peddler’s cart all the way back in 1906 — there’s Pereg! They still sell 100% natural, premium spices and grains, many of which find their way into snack bars! I was very happy to be hosted to experience them.

These bars are can fit into any dietary or spiritual path. They’re all certified OU Kosher, and many of their products are certified gluten-free and vegan. Indeed, some of their snack options are even all raw!

So, how do they taste? They taste good! They have an appealing, soft-chewy texture and are sweet without being too sweet. The natural flavors of grains, fruit, cacao shine through: they aren’t trying to convince you that they’re a movie theater candy bar. You don’t have to worry about odd chemicals pretending to be marshmallow and caramel, for instance. Though their calorie values vary according to flavor, their nutritional content is good — so sayeth my nutritionist — but they aren’t a big source of protein.

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