Vernell: multi-tasking natural skincare

While you may have made resolutions to take better care of yourself this year, have they already fell by the wayside? After the holidays, work seems to explode for all occupations. Everything seems to take more time, be more irritating. Did you read where ‘bots have figured out a way to randomly telemarket our cell phones? Ring, ring, ring! The cacophony in in our lives is ravishing our complexions. It’s like everyone is now living the NYC lifestyle, like it or not!

A new skincare line addresses exactly that! Vernell New York was created to multi-task, but used efficacious natural ingredients to simplify and clarify your complexion. I was very happy to be hosted to experience it!

This line is for all ages, all genders, with products for acne, aging and a men’s line.

Swiss Apple Stem Cell Renewal Skin Cream incorporates cutting edge concepts in skincare technology with Mother Nature’s creations: the stem cells of rare Swiss apples. Along with Hyaluronic acid and squalene, the cream helps ease wrinkles and attract moisture without greases. It’s packaged in a simple, yet effective container: it seals out light and air, with a press-down mechanism. You never touch the contents before it’s time to use it!

It has a light gel-creme consistency, which feels comforting — not waxy, heavy or oily. It leaves a moist finish, but you should be able to apply most cosmetics over it right away. It has no discernible fragrance.

Their studies indicate that after 2 weeks of use, crow’s feet are reduced by 8% and after 4 weeks, 15%. The stem cell assist with cell regeneration. This cream tackles anti-aging and moisturizing well!

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