Elegant, flavorful coffee at home with Coffee Gator’s French Press Coffee Maker

A lot of us were leery for years of dealing with fussy coffee making gadgets and for lots of good reasons. They were hard to learn how to use. I actually have a clinical example of that! Many years ago, when my dad had a couple of strokes, his medical care team thought it would be helpful for him to learn and memorize a many-stepped, complicated task: making coffee with one of those old-school contraptions! Also, traditional French press coffee makers are cylinders of delicate glass, expensive . . . especially when you’re replacing them on a regular basis. I remember how irate my now-ex was when our sheath of glass popped off the top of the fridge. You drink coffee first thing in the morning, before you’ve got your act together! You need something reliable and sturdy.

Coffee Gator, the folks behind many modern, chic and functional coffee accessories, has a new French Press coffee maker. The gray one comes with a bonus accessory and it’s on sale, to boot. Happy new year to you! I was very happy to be hosted to experience it.

A French press squeezes more oils and flavor out of cooked grounds, leading to a fuller tasting cup of coffee. Coffee Gator’s points of difference include a design that acts as sturdy insulation during and after the coffee making process. The make is also rust-proof.

Having studied the art and science of a great cup o’ Joe, they suggest that you fill both the maker and your coffee mug with hot water to warm them. That’s the kind of tip that you’d learn in the kitchen of fine dining establishments! You’d do well to remember that.

After spooning coffee into the press (with everything in place), you slowly pour just shy of boiling water inside. Let it steep for 4 minutes. Spoon the foam from the surface and replace the lid and then, let steep 5 minutes more. Slowly push the plunger, pour your brew! Sure, this takes a few more minutes than other methods, but the results are the kind for which you’d pay $10 a cup in some cities!

The maker has clean, impressive lines .  .  . but it’s not dishwasher friendly. When you see the press mechanics, you can see why today’s rough dishwashers would be a bit much.

With the gray model, Coffee Maker is including a little travel sized canister to bring your fine ground coffee from home to work. You never have to drink acid-y, weak “office coffee” again!

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