Serious chill out time in Las Vegas: The Spa at Aria

Sometimes, you want to get away from it all and sometimes you need to get away from it all. I had a good dose of both in Las Vegas. I had had quite the week, just a few weeks ago. The ink was still smudgy wet on my divorce. Then, within a few hours of checking into my hotel, I went flying on smooth as glass marble flooring. I got myself a nasty sprained ankle that was purple and swollen like an eggplant, with a deep, bloody gash. Charming! Glamorous! I’m here to tell you, what happened in Vegas definitely didn’t stay in Vegas: it’s very much a part of my home life, a good month later.

Under those circumstances, if you’re standing in my shoe that still fits and fluffy sock, you’re not tempted by discos, clubs, exotic dancers, wandering from roulette wheel to roulette wheel. That’s when you should keep The Spa at Aria in mind. I was happy to be hosted for 1 of the 2 days I took refuge there!

Their new Gold Facial incorporates the precious metal in skin care products for a moisturizing, non abrasive complexion treatment.

Hotel guests can buy a day pass for the facilities and that’s where the spa really shines. Most of the relaxation and treatment areas are separated by gender, with a few things co-ed.

There are 3 small indoor pools, each with a different temperature. This area, along with the red cedar sauna and eucalyptus steam room, is clothing optional. I wouldn’t be surprised if one day, an interior designer gives the area a makeover of its own, as it’s painted and laid out with a very utilitarian look. I indulged in the hottest and bubbliest of the pools to dull some of the electrifying sting of my ankle before hobbling to a chaise lounge for a wee nap.

I hate missing out on things, so not knowing what the outdoor pool was like, I had to explore. This is a co-ed area, so you at least have to be wearing a spa bathrobe, if not a bathing suit. It’s tucked into a shaded balcony, so you can definitely position yourself not to fry in the desert sun. Along with a terrific view of parts of “The Strip”, they have an infinity therapy pool. If you’ve never experienced one, therapy pools are shallow, well-heated pools where you can relax or do some gently swimming. Perfect for me! Plus, I was there in December: it can still get pretty chilly in Vegas. The “infinity” aspect is a trompe l’oeil look of not having an edge.

The first time I went to the spa, it was daylight out. They’re open into the early evening and the second time, I knew I had a red eye flight back to the East Coast: I went to the pool for a stunning view of the night sky.

There are 2 co-ed “meditation” rooms. One is the Shio salt room. This room has floor-to-ceiling pink, glowing salt walls, New Age music and vibrational therapy. Such salt rooms are said to help with health, mood and inflammation. I lay back on a chaise lounge like a Raggedy Ann doll and tried some deep breaths.

Next, I shuffled to the Ganbanyoku stone bed room. These were several special heated Japanese black silica rock beds, said to emit healing far infrared rays. The first day I was there, nobody else was in the very darkened room with stone floor and stone slabs, topped with bamboo neck pillows. It seemed like quite the mausoleum. I gingerly lowered myself onto a slab with my foot and ankle at an odd, swollen angle. It would be impossible not to be contemplative and meditative under the circumstances!


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