Incorporate Vitamin C into your skincare with intelligent elixirs

If you’ve ever wished you could use the same quality of skincare products as are sold at dermatologists’ offices, but needed a better price point and ease of buying, you’ll want to get familiar with intelligent elixirs! I was happy to be hosted to experience it and learn about it.

I spoke to co-creator Mary Butler. She told me that though the line is not a “natural” line, she wanted to create products that appealed to this market, with clean and non-toxic ingredients. Today’s market is savvy as to ingredients! Today’s market also wants natural, light, fresh scents in their products.

Since Vitamin C is a hallmark of intelligent elixirs, it makes sense that they would make Citrus Facial Scrub. Packaged in a simple white plastic pump bottle, it also has amino acids, lavender and apple extracts. It has a medium grit in a slightly creamy base. It effectively freshens the outer skin layer.

Serums are considered a critical part of the line’s recommended routine. The 15% Vitamin C anti-aging serum is meant to go under Vitamin B-5 hydrating serum. The serums are housed in clear and white glass bottles with droppers. The Vitamin C serum is very fluid, while the Vitamin B-5 serum is silkier. It’s recommended to use this combination in the morning, the the Vitamin B-5 serum can also serve as a light moisturizer for oily complexions. You should be able to apply your makeup on top almost immediately.

Ultra Restorative Moisturizer is very rich cream, packaged in a tub. You can use it either once or twice a day, with serums in the morning and either by itself or with serums in the evening. It contains rosemary leaf extract and cinnamon extract.

This routine is definite one to follow, especially if you’ve been neglecting dedicated skincare for a long time. You’ll see noticeable results on coarse, dull complexions.

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