Repair the damage to your hair with Pureology’s Superfood Treatment #samp

Whether a summer filled with swimming and sunshine wrecked your tresses or you — heaven forbid! — carried your color too close to the ends, now is the time to get your tresses back in shape. While you may have read a bunch of articles about making your hair care in the kitchen, it’s not the greatest idea. Your house will get messy, your hair will get messy and depending on what you make your potions with, you’ll risk clogging up your shower drain. Not fun! Plus, some ingredients — no matter how “natural” they may be — can actually wreck your color. Not good!

Fortunately, Pureology has mixed scientific know-how with quality natural ingredients in its color-friendly new Superfood Treatments. I was happy to be hosted to experience them.

Hydrate Superfood Treatment formula has an intensely Tahitian fragrance: flowers and coconut. How exotic! It’s a thick lotion consistency, packaged in a tub. You use a quarter’s size worth, working it through your hair. 5 minutes later, the shine is back and the crispiness is gone! It’s 100% vegan and silicone free. That means, you won’t see buildup or stripping over time. Coconut oil and avocado oil work together to provide your hair with flavonoids and other nutrients.

For glamorous hair over time — growing well, styling well — you also need strength. Strength Cure Superfood Treatment helps repair breakage and damage. It has a more herbal fragrance, but also has a lotion consistency in a tub. It incorporates goji berry extract and olive oil to keep you from having those “baby hairs” (broken at the scalp), “cotton candy” soft/dissolving hair.

I suggest getting both and interchanging them, to get both benefits.




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