Just a couple of nights left: Happy Hour at Baltimore’s Petit Louis

Yesterday was one of those days at the grindstone that I was looking for something to look forward to. Then, I spied that Petit Louis was having a special “Back to School” happy hour! Some of you are aware that I pretty much only learned to drive to get myself to Eddie’s, Graul’s and Petit Louis if I found myself single, which I so found.

pl happy2.JPG

Just through this Friday, September 29, from 5 – 6 pm at the bar, there’s a great menu you can look at here with prices that’ll certainly keep you happy!

I started off with the Cocktail Maison: a fun drink that wouldn’t knock me on my ass, since I had to drive home. It has a refreshing combo of St. Germain (elderflower liqueur), white wine and soda.

pl happy4


The deal of the century has to be the 6 generously sized amuse bouches for $4!

pl happy3.JPG

Salade de Poulet had chunky roasted chicken with a good deal of dill, with the endive acting as a serving vessel and adding a touch of bitterness and crunch.

Croquette a la Pommes de Terre: I think zucchini was substituted. It was fried, but still moist, not overly salty. The aioli was used as a little swabbed garnish on the plate.

Pomme Grille’ avec Jambon de Bayonne: Bayonne ham is France’s answer to aged, thinly sliced charcuterie like prosciutto. It had a hit of salt, but still retained richness.

Tartine au Magret de Canard is chilled duck breast on toast with caramelized shallot. How French! The duck is served rare in 2 generous slices.

Gougere au Fromage de Chevre is like a savory bakery treat: grown up cake with cream inside! It has a hint of lemon, along with herbs.

Tartine a la Tomate Rotie has a big, thick, juicy roasted tomato topped with olive tapenade.

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