The fine bounty of the South is still available at Abingdon Farmers Market (Va) [classic article]

After going through my summer photos of the luscious produce at the Abingdon (Va) Farmers Market, I was glad to see that there’s still another month to its regular season and they have different hours — but keep on going — through winter!

This is a “producer’s market”: all the vendors either grew or produced their fine veggies, fruits, meats, soaps, cheeses, flowers and herbs in the region. Abingdon, Virginia is just 11 miles from the Tennessee line, so many of the coveted East Tennessee tomatoes have a strong presence at the market. On a warm day, a cool drink of unsweetened lavender iced tea is different, but really good. I have some lavender tea bags and I think I’ll make a cup now, to preserve the memories!

In Southwest Virginia, there are several farmers raising goats and making goats milk soap. I bought some: they’re creamy and excellent.

Amish farmer vendors have some rare heirloom veggie varieties, including some unfamiliar beans and fruits like elderberry. They clearly don’t subject themselves to some corporate raider marketing team!

My favorite thing was a giveaway that sells out instantly anytime it’s offered, I learned: little baby cucumbers! Oh, they’d be so popular at big city parties . . . imagine, as finger food hors d’oeuvres, all scooped out with salad fillings, as Bloody Mary garnishes . . .

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