Let’s be gorgeous while traveling with Mally [classic article]

Tamar Alexia Fleishman, Esq.

Lately, as a professional travel writer — I’ve been noticing that there’s no getting out of getting your picture taken, over and over and over. I mean, I’m trying to work, yet I’m the one who has to pose for pics! God only knows where they end up. It’s no good trying to protest and nobody cares if you haven’t slept in two days or fixed your face for the day. Best to be prepared!

Mally — the celebrity makeup artist line — had a simply scrumptious mega kit this Spring, but like the belle of the ball, it was quickly snatched up. I’ve compiled some of the best of that kit plus some other of Mally’s stars. I was happy to be hosted to experience it!

24/7 Professional blush system has two built-in parts: a lighter, cream highlighter and colored powder that goes on top. That keeps the color glowing and lasting all day. It comes with a double ended brush that’s created to apply each texture of makeup, all packaged in a chic little metallic lilac case.

In the same vein, Perfect Prep Shadow Base Duo is a collection of two eyeshadow bases, matte/cream and pearl. That alone doubles the possibilities of your eyeshadow when you travel. Speaking of shadow, the City Chick I Love Color shadow palette has both neutral and dramatic colors. You may be thinking that you’re okay with just plain shadow while traveling, but really, sometimes you can’t judge what you’ll need from an itinerary. A “pub crawl” may turn out to be hopping around to a city’s hottest nightclubs. You’re not going to buy new clothes for the occasion . . . but you can do a great smoky or colorful eye. The case comes with its own base and double ended brush: handy!

Evercolor Ultimate Waterproof Eyeliner Duos are perfect for traveling: two colors for the space of one.

If you have a touch more space, go for a handful of Mally single color waterproof eyeliners, in a range of neutral and dramatic colors, matte and shimmer. They travel well but stay put on your face! That’s good for all climates you may be traveling to. Even if you don’t want to carry shadows around, a good liner will open up your eyes and give you glamorous options for going out.

Whether you’re jet-lagged or just having a great time, you’re gonna need Lightwand Eye Brightener. It’s a doubled ended tool: precision brightening cream on one end, light-diffusing powder on the other. Use the cream first, then the powder to lock it in. You’ll look wide-awake in all of your travel pics! You can use it in darker folds on your face for a lifted look.

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