Get gorgeous on the road or help a friend with a beauty gift: Mally [classic article]

Tamar Alexia Fleishman, Esq.

For traveling or holiday gifts, a rainbow of color cosmetics to select from feels more luxurious than one tried-and-true. Sure, you want to keep your bags — and bills! — light. But sometimes, being too practical for yourself can be sad. Similarly, a gift of a single gloss or pencil also seems . . . sad.

Having all of your favorites on-hand can help you dress up in a pinch — bright gloss or deep liner seems more formal. It’s a great idea when traveling and you don’t have time to change clothes. Here’s where Mally comes to the rescue! I’m glad to have been hosted to experience them.

With the busy holiday season, you may find different configurations, selections available. Know that several of the holiday kits come in cute foiled boxes which are practically wrappings in themselves.

Evercolor Starlight Waterproof Eyeliners are the answer to some very difficult questions: How can I get a shinier eye look without irritating glitters or powders that bother my contacts? How can I get a liner that has good color payoff without having to dig into my eyelid? Can I have a dressed up liner that’s okay to use on the eyes’ waterlines? Try silver in your inner corners for a brighter, well-slept look. You could use it all around your eyes for a casual, light, morning-after or New Year’s Day makeup. You know, like you always look so great without trying. I also love Mally’s liner in Royal Plum, because I’m permanently on the hunt for a great purple eyeliner. I’ve had some of the most expensive in the world that don’t please me like this one: deep, not too reddish, not melty, but creamy enough to have plenty of glide.

On tv, when they want to make an actress look younger than she is, they use a high color pigmented gloss. A too-sheer gloss wouldn’t show up on film — or in photos. Also, they’re sure to use natural, juicy looking tones. You don’t want anything too dark or overly bright . . . otherwise, you’ll look like Mr. Bill from the old SNL shorts.

Mally’s High Shine Liquid Lipstick Pens are really a high pigmented shiny gloss, some with micro-glitter (age appropriate for all!). The pens will turn you into a better makeup artist, as they are with a built-in brush. You know you should be using a brush for lipcolor, but you never do . . . right? Here’s a tip: apply when you’re just starting to see a bead of color come into the brush — there will be enough gloss for your lips.

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