Tilley clothing: the traveler’s blessing [classic article]

Tilley is more than just innovative hats: they have a full catalog of items for both men and women on the run. I’ll be discussing the male side of their line in the next few weeks, but now I want to address the true benefits of the women’s line. I’m very glad to have been given the opportunity to experience it!

Tamar Alexia Fleishman, Esq.

Recently, I have been traveling throughout Germany and also, the State of Georgia. I’ve dealt with luggage weight restrictions, bag size restrictions, a full range of weather patterns, plus the hustle and bustle of being on the road. I put my faith in an outfit from Tilley that you may just want to consider!

First, check out the most versatile pants one could ever hope for: Venture Trek 4-in1 zip off pants. Don’t even worry about whether you’d want to hem them — they button up to change to 3 different lengths! That came in extra handy when I was encountering some deep mud puddles. Then, for extra versatility, you can zip the bottoms off into shorts!

The fabric has a light, silky, stretchy material. Possibly, you might want to get your local seamstress to take them in a tad — they don’t have belt loops, so you definitely want to make sure they stay on! Their fast-drying properties were really put to the test when somebody managed to kick the back of the legs while I was in Germany. I needed to be able to use them within a few hours. I crossed my fingers as I washed them with a little bit of hotel soap and hung them on the shower to dry. Voila! Perfect.

What’s the best kind of shirt to wear while traveling? You want something that can be adaptable to a number of circumstances . . . if you get to a destination and things are a tad more formal than you counted on, it’s good to be able to have long sleeves that look more polished. If it’s sweltering out, it good to have breathable fabric and sleeves that stay rolled up. With a dazzling, fresh and flowery pattern, it’s quite forgiving of the little splashes that occur when you’re zipping about. The Liberty fabric print long-sleeved fitted shirt is comfy and takes a beating. It also dries quickly on a plastic hanger and it’s cute!

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