Detox your hair after traveling with Aveeno [classic article]

When traveling, you’re hair is likely to absorb all kinds of things you don’t want it to: odd travel samples that you got in the hotel, weird laundry detergents from hotel linens, pollution. Your ‘do is bound to suffer. But what to do? You need a shampoo and conditioning system that removes impurities, but gentlyAveeno to the rescue! I was happy to be hosted to experience it.

In the past, many “refresher” or “detox” or “impurity remover” shampoos stripped my hair and left me without any way of running a comb through it. It would end up a dry, ragged out mess. It even seemed like the keratin protein layer was stripped away. Can you say, “cotton candy”? Fortunately, Aveeno Pure Renewal Shampoo and Conditioner are gentle and nourishing. This is what they say about it:

Infused with the power of balancing ACTIVE NATURALS® Seaweed Extract and naturally derived cleansers, this formula with sulfate-free NATRASURF™ technology works to lift away impurities without overstripping, helping to rebalance hair’s optimal moisture levels, leaving it shiny, healthier looking, and full of life. Safe for color-treated hair. Only AVEENO® scientists have harnessed the power of ACTIVE NATURALS® Seaweed Extract in formulas that provide a unique cleansing and conditioning system to rebalance and preserve hair’s optimal moisture levels‑renewing hair to its naturally healthy state. Rich in vitamins, proteins and minerals, formulas with ACTIVE NATURALS® Seaweed Extract help to cleanse without stripping the natural moisture from hair and skin.

The Dry Shampoo won Allure magazine’s Best of Beauty 2013 award. It leaves your hair light and clean, without stiffness or dryness. It’s perfect for traveling, keeping your hair clean and fresh under trying circumstances.

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