Peace and quiet on planes! Audio-Technica’s Noise Cancelling Headphones [classic article]

Tamar Alexia Fleishman, Esq.

I’ll admit it: “the kids” are the ones who know all the latest in technology innovations, including ones for traveling! Take a look at the well-heeled youngsters on your next international flight. No doubt, you’ll see some of them using noise cancelling headphones!

What are noise cancelling? They are headphones that cup around your ears and block extraneous noises. The fantastic ones from Audio-Technica that I was hosted to experience also have a switch to emit a noise-blocking effect. So, you can use it two ways: with the battery and blocking noise, or simply as quality headphones.

I am sensitive to noises and love listening to music in peace: I was a professional violinist and soloed with the Chicago Symphony when I was 12. So, I definitely have expertise in this area, having done recordings, tv tapings, radio shows, live concerts. I also travel around the world and have been to a dozen countries this year alone!

I tried the headphones on a flight to Iceland. They block out the whooshsound of the plane’s engines, the jibber jabber of passengers, the crying babies. They give you a chance at actually getting some sleep on the plane! They’re nice and cushy on your ears, not painfully snug.

Audio-Technica makes a variety of headphones; the ones I have cancel 87% of noise, but others in their line are 90%. So, you aren’t stone deaf wearing them, but don’t hear the industrial sounds of flying.

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