Luxe skin beauty after traveling with Orogold 24K Caviar & Sea Kelp Mask [classic article]

Tamar Alexia Fleishman, Esq.

After being buffeted about as a traveler, you’re in the mood for some serious TLC! Think about it: planes with tinier seats and passengers who’d soon lay you out if you even attempt to put your seat back, NYC air transfer buses that sell you a ticket not good for when you’re traveling, having to be your own bellhop/porter, 3 a.m. trains after 20 hours of traveling, general misery that threatens to crowd out our treasured memories.

When you’re home, you can pamper yourself in complete privacy with the most luxurious face mask: Orogold 24K Caviar & Sea Kelp Mask. I was very happy to be hosted to experience it! It’s been formulated with formulated with soluble collagen, caviar extract and certified gold to reduce the look of wrinkles and to restore the skin’s youthful glow. I will also add that it restores your sense of self-worth!

According to, gold was used in ancient Egypt and Asia as a skin beautifying agent. On, they say:


It comes as no secret that spas and major cosmetic brands across the globe have begun to include and concentrate on gold as a skin care treatment once again, following in the steps of the ancients. According to the World Gold Council, market development organization for the gold industry, gold leaf facial treatments have become extremely popular in Asian countries such as Japan. Advocates state that these treatments can help to rejuvenate your skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. They also explain that the major reason behind gold’s success as a skin care ingredient is that it manages to lock the moisture in your skin and help to keep your skin firm.

Sea kelp also has a history of benefiting skin. According to, “Sea herbs in facial masks heal, hydrate, detoxify, and re-mineralize the skin,”.

The mask is a soft-drying seafoam-green clay that is completely non-irritating to your skin. I didn’t see any instructions on the container, so I left it on the standard 20 minutes. I noticed that my skin felt clean, yet not dry-taut. Rashy red dryness disappeared. Threatening breakouts subsided and makeup applied smoothly over my skin afterwards — no need for tons of primer.

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