Gourmet Israeli hamburgers! Tel Aviv’s Agadir Burger [classic article]

During my recent trip to Israel, like something out of Lost in Translation, there came a point when I was seriously hankering for some familiar flavors for lunch . . . make that something substantial. Jet-lag tends to grab me by the throat for weeks and, among other things, renders me starving all the time. The machine that is me runs on food, if not sleep.

Right in Tel Aviv’s Carmel Market district, I found a delicious — if pricey — hamburger joint: Agadir Burger. They accept American credit cards, which is certainly not a given in Israel. It being a more breezy day, I chose to sit out on the patio to do some people watching. They have free WiFi, which is a special bonus while abroad.

My server recommended a “businessman’s special” as being economical. I’ll say right now that my tab was about $30, so I guess that’s relative. Along with starter, it included a soft drink.The patrons seemed to be a well-heeled crowd.

There was a little appetizer that went with my hamburger: I selected Moroccan lamb cigarettes served with tahini sauce. The cigarettes were crispy and moderately spicy.

There were many options for toppings; this is not a strictly Kosher or Halal restaurant. However, they had a topping that would appeal to those with dietary restrictions that I just had to try: smoked goose breast! Thinly sliced and lean, It’s much like smoky ham. Their Angus burger was made from entrecote, a premium filet cut from sirloin. It was large and garnished with good red tomatoes and scallions. They like scallions in Israel!

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