Jet-set beauty secret products from Jane Iredale [classic article]

If you fly frequently on overseas and long-haul flights, your life may feel like — or you may actually be on — a reality show! Smart phone videos and pictures seem to be everywhere these days and you can find yourself on camera . . . like it or not. There’s still some glamorous mystique about long-distance travel and those who do it.

Tamar Alexia Fleishman, Esq.

Jane Iredale is a luxe line of mineral makeup favored by those in the know: you can find it at upscale resort boutiques, exclusive shops, doctor’s offices that perform hush-hush procedures. It’s hardly surprising, then, that they have created innovative products for travel beauty! I was very happy to be hosted to experience them.

New “My Steppes” is beyond genius. It’s a little metallic stack that would fit into a jacket pocket. After all, I think it’s only in the movies where the heroine takes a huge train case of cosmetics to freshen her look before arrival. Available for warm or cool skin tones, it has two lip glosses (pearlized and creme), a lighter, natural blush, bronzer/contour powder and convenient mirror. The glosses are rich in texture. The powders are silky, but still very highly pigmented. Throw on some movie-star dark glasses and nobody will catch you unprepared.

If you’re not up to that level of artistry — the jet-lag’s killin’ you, poor thing! — or want something that fits into a jeans pocket, Just Kissed® Lip and Cheek Stain is for you. This is what they say about it:

Multipurpose stain uses all natural ingredients to enhance your natural coloring.
Non-drying, long-lasting, all-natural stain adjusts to your own chemistry for an irresistible pink shade that will flatter your skin’s undertone.
Olive butter, avocado butter and wild rose wax soothe and soften lips. Rose flower wax and beeswax nourish and moisturize.

It’s in a slim, elegant metallic tube, a soft balm that adjusts to your skin tone. Mood makeup, if you will! It has a slight strawberry scent.

What if you do take the time to glam up your eyes, but the mascara tip misses? Or you can’t get your eyeliner right? Or, maybe you’re like I am — have days when the eyebrows just won’t go on in the right shape? Dot the i® Makeup Remover Swabs are individually wrapped swabs in a handy for travel container. Individual wrapping keeps them from getting yucky in your bag, which swabs always did with me before. The swabs don’t get fuzzy in your eyes or makeup, either. Here’s what they say about them:

The new pouch, made from 98% Post Consumer Recycled Soda Bottles, holds 18 individually‐wrapped swabs.

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