Get your Southern food fixin’s: Atlanta’s Sweet Auburn Curb Market [classic article]

Unless you’re a farmer, miller and meat butcher, you’re gonna have to head to a market to buy your recipe ingredients. Sometimes, when I’m planning a special meal, I’ve been known to go to four different markets in Baltimore and even up in Lancaster, Pa. That’s usually a count-on-it good way to start a huge row with your spouse, by the way. So, if you’re planning a Southern feast, where can you go for one-stop shopping? Who has authentic flavors? Sweet Auburn Curb Market in Atlanta is a must-see foodie destination.

I only wish I had a place near me I could buy a whole pig for classic pig in the ground! You can also pick up oxtails, which are divine for soups and stews. I suppose smoked pig tails are used to season greens . . . I don’t really know, I’m a Damned Yankee.

They also have all sorts of prepared foods, fresh bread, BBQ, candies, pies, ethnic cuisine, beautiful fruits, veggies and spices. If you can’t wait until home, they do have some indoor seating!

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