Don’t let Nassau, BahamasThe Poop Deck‘s casual ambiance and dress fool you: they’re serving seafood caught that day and they’re a favorite of the jet-set. In the past, chic patrons like John Kennedy, Jr. and Brook Shields have patronized the restaurant. I was happy to be hosted at their East Bay location.

The open deck windows allow diners a clear view of boats docked in East Bay and yachts passing by. They have a full selection of wines, beers, cocktails and frozen drinks.

For a local delicacy to start, I ordered fresh Andros stone crab claws. You can order them in any amount, but I found that they’re huge and 3 make a quite generous appetizer. Andros is an archipelago set of islands in the Bahamas, well known for their seafood. The sweet crab meat is served with lemon, tartar sauce and melted butter.

If you’re a fish person, you can pick from sometimes 4 different snapper types and other fish caught that day. However, I was intrigued by a recipe that seemed to be quite popular there: “cracked” lobster. Lobster — or things like conch — that are “cracked” are a Bahamian delight, marinated in lime juice and island spices, then breaded and fried tender/crisp. It adds a new flavor dimension and texture to lobster!

Their desserts are on the light/fruity/refreshing side, as befits a seafood restaurant in tropical climate. I tried a native light sponge cake served in a sauce made from guava seeds.

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