If you eat junk food in restaurants, this will save you! (+recipes) [classic article]

If you travel a lot and eat out frequently like I do, you might be finding yourself without healthy eating options. Oh, you’re probably knowledgeable about what the lesser of all the evils are…but how’s that gonna keep you at your best? What you need is something easy to slip in a pocket or purse, non-perishable, tasty, and packed full of vitamins. Borba crystallines to the rescue! I first discovered them as a service piece on (I think) WBAL a few years ago. They showed a woman who looked like she could use “some work,” if you catch my drift, and 30 days later, her face looked like a China doll’s. I busted out my credit card before the commercial. I later used them at Daytona Bike Week when I found that the only things to eat were crap. I used to represent a famous Southern rocker/alt-country musician who claimed they “cleared his head”. From what he was clearing his head is anybody’s guess. Hey, I ‘m not a doctor and I don’t even play one on tv.

Borba products
Photo by Tamar Alexia Fleishman

Borba crystallines are sugar-free, calorie-free packets loaded with fruit enzymes and vitamins. They work on different skin problems that you might have: firming, clarifying, replenishing, age defying. There are different flavors, such as Acai or Lychee. They all  have a “tangy” taste, but differ with the various fruits and benefits. They’re pleasant. They certainly don’t taste “good for you”. I suggest that when you aren’t using them at a restaurant, treat yourself to the best crystal glasses and mix them up fresh with spring water. In Elizabeth Taylor’s book, Elizabeth Takes Off, this is exactly what she suggests when one is dieting. When she was dieting, it was effective. Also, think how perfect they are for airline travel, when you can’t take beverages through security. Now you can have a nutritious, calorie-free drink on the plane! They are best with chilled water.

Borba also makes gummy bears that are packed with skin-saving vitamins.

Oh, you know that trend of “good for you” cocktails? (Well, why not?) Borba has the answer to that, too. Here are some recipes you can make to be one of the “beautiful people”:

Vodka, Splash of Grenadine, Squeeze of Lemon Juice, Twist of Lemon

Tequila, Pineapple Juice, Sprite, Splash of Triple Sec, Splash of Grenadine

Rum, Splash of Orange Juice, Club Soda, Twist of Lime

Vodka, Splash of Rose’s Lemon Lime, Splash of Triple Sec

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