Get intimate with Riesling wine at Trier, Germany’s Weinsinnig [classic article]

The city of Trier, Germany is an ancient one. The Romans used it as an outpost/capital, planting vineyards thousands of years ago. Right on the French border, Trier’s climate is the most mild in Germany. Roman soldiers planted vineyards on the sloping hills, properly draining the grapevines and exposing them just the right amount to the sun.


Tamar FleishmanBaltimore Restaurant Examiner

“Weinsinning” translates roughly from the German into “wine intimately,” but a more colloquial translation is probably “wine obsession”. That’s the perfect name for a wine tasting shop that also happens to be a perfect place to learn about Riesling, the pride and joy varietal of the area. Weinsinnig is on a winding, hidden street off a main market square in town.

I was very happy to have been hosted to experience it!

Please check out the list items below for more of the flavors!

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