Are you a heavy-duty/high maintenance traveler? You’ll LOVE eBags’ Mother Lode [classic article]

There are all kinds of folks who can’t just stuff a shirt into a backpack when it comes to traveling. You might be a super sporty type who has his or her own gear — no renting boots or paddles for you! You might be the mom or dad in charge of your own tribe: everything and everyone’s stuff goes with you.

Or, you might have a special occasion (wedding, pageant, graduation) where you need all of your accessories and beauty products at the ready. Trust me, I understand that. I used to be Principal 2’d for Annapolis Symphony and would wad up my black gown, heels and stockings into a small pack. There would be college girls next to me getting ready for balls at the Naval Academy with steamer trunks, staring at me for not taking proper care of my things and myself.

Or, you might be a several pairs of shoes type — you need a bag to handle it!

I was very glad to have been given the opportunity to experience eBags’ Mother Lode, 29″: it’s an exceptional piece of equipment that’s been specially engineered for the way people like to pack and travel.

I will be doing some major world travel in the next several months. I’ll be updating here on how everything is holding up!

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