Glamorous, effective skincare while traveling: Orogold 24K Bionic Complex Serum [classic article]

Traveling can be brutal on your complexion. Between jet-lag, too much vino, irritating hotel laundry detergent on the linens, unfamiliar foods . . . it’s hard to look your best! And yet, it’s when you’re traveling, you have opportunities that are once in a lifetime. You need to feel and look glamorous. Orogold to the rescue! I was glad to be hosted to experience it.

All serums are not created alike. Orogold has several. 24K Bionic Complex Serum helps deal with those deep facial lines. And yet, it’s so light! It’s not goopy or sticky. The texture is silky, but not silicone-y. I promise you can apply your cosmetics for the day right away. The product contains luxurious pure 24K gold from Italy. Use it day and night for terrific results. Daytime, it makes an excellent primer with the slightest touch of gleam. For summertime, you’ll find it very comfortable on your skin.

It’s perfectly sized for 3-1-1 carry-on travel bags, housed in a silk-like lined paper coffret.

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