Luscious frog legs at Baltimore’s Corner BYOB[classic article]

Each Monday night, Baltimore restaurant Corner BYOBhas one of the best dining specials in town: a $25 prix fixe dinner. But you’d better make reservations! Even bar seating is at a premium for the popular deal. Speaking of bars, they have a new one, “The Other Corner,” attached by way of Medieval-style heavy doors. That’s the part with a liquor license, charcuterie and — probably not coincidentally — hanging around the door, a dog named “Lucky”. You can bring drinks back to the restaurant part or bring your own wine/beer.

I tried a number of dishes, but two were absolute stand-outs:

Forelle Pears & Blood Sausage – This delicious sausage was tender, meaty, yet mild. It is a sausage that you’re much more likely to find in Europe than here. Brilliat-Savarin once proclaimed blood sausage the most nutritious of foods.

Risotto with frog legs and squid ink. Sounds exotic yet simple, no? It’s actually luscious and complex in flavor. The frog legs were the best I’ve ever had: meaty, rich, perfectly cooked, lightly seasoned. The portion is very generous, too. The risotto also was perfectly cooked — so many restaurants don’t get it — with a nuttiness and slight seafood flavor.

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