Gourmet macarons at McDonald’s: Antwerp, Belgium[classic article]

Macarons are a delicacy in the USA, normally only seen at the most upscale of bakeries and luxe society weddings. So, imagine my surprise and delight to find them at McDonald’s in Antwerp, Belgium! People talk a lot of trash about “ugly Americans” and that we only go to McDonald’s when abroad. However, I saw that the McDonald’s was crowded day and evening with locals. Also, they have local treats at an affordable price that’s attractive to people on both sides of “the drink”.

The restaurant is to the right of Antwerp‘s Central rail station, easy to find. There’s lots of spacious seating both in and outdoors.

They have a pre-order machine that should have cut on the line’s waiting time, but it didn’t work and was veryconfusing.

The macarons, that come in chocolate, vanilla, pistachio and raspberry, are delicate, tender and only lightly sweet. They’re only about $1 each. They’d be so fantastic in the USA! I wish McDonald’s would bring them over!

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