Relax and replenish in style at American Airlines’ Admirals Club [classic article]

These days, traveling through an airport can feel like being run through a Vitamix . . . and that’s about how you look and feel when you’ve reached your destination. Fortunately, there’s an antidote for that. American Airlines has Admirals Club lounges — not to be confused with its long-hauled oriented “Flagship Lounges — that people can access with a day pass! I was very happy to experience the Admirals Club located at DFW

There are actually several Admirals Club locations at DFW; my flights put me at the lounge in Terminal C.

The entrance for this Admirals Club offers the utmost in privacy and discretion: you can’t do “peekies” to see who else is in there. After you’re checked in at the desk, you head up stairs or the elevator to another discreet entrance, with check-in staff available. They can reprint boarding passes, get you on standby or upgrade lists, let you know gate updates. Use their services! The electronic charts don’t always post all departures or have all the info you might need.

There’s free WiFi, though it didn’t show up on my device. If I had needed it, I would have gone to the front desk for assistance.

You’ll notice that the design of the entrance is elegant, like a modern art museum. In fact, quite a bit of modern art graces the walls. On that level are two ADA-accessible showers, where I presume you get the key for them at the front desk.

Take a ramp or a few steps up and the main part of the lounge appears before you. In decor and lighting, it reminds me of an upscale hotel lobby. Different alcoves have various levels of lower — non-irritating — lighting and separate tv shows on. I got to catch up on the soap I follow! I won’t name it, because I hate the current storyline and don’t wanna publicize it. The seats are comfortable and some (not all) have electrical outlets. With so many areas, the lounge never felt crowded, as so many do.

There’s coffee, juice and ice water available on a complimentary basis, as well as little crunchy snacks. In the afternoon, they have cookies.

At the bar — which has many premium liqueurs, innovative cocktails, smoothies, etc. — they also have food for purchase. There are several bar-type offerings, as well as fresh salads. The menu carried the nutritional information for most of the items . . . that’s a good thing! Several of the salads had a much lower sodium content, which might make you feel more comfortable when you’re traveling. Certainly, fresh veggies are always a good thing! Items are prepared within seconds, so don’t worry that it will hold up your travel/relaxing plans. The portions are generous.

They offer annual and 30 day memberships as well as One-Day Passes. Or, become a Citi Executive® / AAdvantage® cardmember and enjoy Admirals Club membership along with other exclusive travel benefits

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