Men: travel sleek-looking with dr.’s tips from Dove Men+Care Expert Shave[classic article]

Men can really have the exotic spa experience no matter where they travel or even if they stay home with Dove Men+Care shave products. RoCK was happy to be hosted to experience it!

Here is a first look at a Dove Men + Care Shave video!

Some of the products are already sized to fit a 3-1-1 carry-on travel bag. For the others, it’s worth getting some little plastic tubs and bottles from the dollar store to always look and feel your best!

The products are packaged in sleek, sophisticated packaging, so feel free to leave them on your vanity, like women have always done with their finest personal care products.

Previously, RoCK had always had a botched-up experience shaving. He irritated his skin and missed spots. Don’t get him started on our wedding photos! RoCK says that you can tell that the products are very high quality, not the typical drugstore shaving items previously on the market. The set would make a fine Father’s Day gift.

Dove Men+Care Expert Shave Exfoliating Pre-Shave Scrub helps cleanse and exfoliate skin. Shaving itself exfoliates, but if you aren’t getting to everything, you aren’t!

The Softening Pre-Shave Oil prepares skin for the shave, softening it.

There’s a Smoothing Shave Cream — the classic tub that you can use a brush with — and a modern Total Comfort Shave Cream in a classic pump. These products are more moisturizing than other products you’ve probably used before, acting like department store skin care.

The Post Shave Repair Balm cuts down on all the rashiness that often comes with shaving.

San Diego dermatologist and Dove Men + Care expert Jeff Benabio answers questions for us:

What did you feel was missing on the market in men’s shaving, both with mass market and high end?

The men’s shaving market was missing a high-quality premium range of products designed to give men the ultimate shaving experience specifically based on their skin and shaving needs. Dove Men+Care recognized that, and collaborated with leading barbers and dermatologists, like myself, to develop the Expert Shave range. My insights and face care experience helped create products that work towards men’s skin concerns and needs.

What are special needs of men that weren’t addressed before?

Other shave products were lacking what skin needs most – superior moisturization. The Expert Shave range is clinically proven to better moisturize and hydrate skin for the ultimate caring shave. This range was developed to address common skin care concerns that often come with men’s shaving regimes, including irritation, dryness and roughness.

What kind of razor do you recommend for men with easily irritated skin?

Honestly, guys can use any razor, and they really don’t need more than three blades to get the job done. A great shave is really not about the hardware, rather, it’s more about the software (aka the products they use on your skin). Because you’re dragging a blade across the skin of your face, you want to prepare and soften your hair with the best products. The Dove Men+Care Expert Shave “pre-shave” products prepare men’s skin and hair for a smooth shave. First, apply the Exfoliating Pre-Shave Scrub to cleanse and scrub skin for a closer shave. This product also lifts hairs to help reduce ingrown hairs. Next, apply the Softening Pre-Shave Oil. This product is specially formulated to soften hair and moisturize your skin to help protect skin while shaving. And don’t forget post-shave care – you want to use a product that doesn’t contain alcohol, which causes skin irritation. For the “post-Shave,” use a soothing balm that rehydrates skin, like the Dove Men+Care Intense Post-Shave Repair Balm.

Who should use each of the different shave cream formulations? What makes them different?

Dove Men+Care understands that different men have different skin types, which is why they developed two shave creams for this range. The Total Comfort Shave Cream is the richest, most protective Dove Men+Care shave formula, designed specifically for guys with drier skin. This product softens hair on contact and provides smooth razor glide. The Smoothing Shave Cream’s creamy lather helps protect guy’s skin against irritation, leaving their skin feeling soft and hydrated. This product is designed for “normal” to oily skin and moisturizes better than competitor creams, foams and gels.

Will the products ever come out in 3-1-1 sizes?

I‘m not sure but I certainly hope so. These products would be great for guys who want a superior shave on the go.

Describe the steps to a good shave.

Every good shave consists of three steps and four products, using the Dove Men+Care Expert Shave range. When used together, the Expert Shave products will better care for skin throughout your entire shave experience. The first step is the “pre-shave” because preparation is an important step most guys don’t think about. First, apply the Exfoliating Pre-Shave Scrub as it cleans and scrubs skin for a closer shave, and lifts hairs to help reduce ingrown hairs. Next, apply the Softening Pre-Shave Oil, specially formulated to soften hair and moisturize your skin to help protect skin while shaving. The second step is “the shave” and using the right shaving cream can make all the difference. The Dove Men+Care Expert Shave line includes two shave creams that contain high levels of moisturizing ingredients to help protect skin during shaving, the Smoothing Shave Cream and the Total Comfort Shave Cream. The Smoothing Shave Cream’s creamy lather helps protect against irritation and leaves skin feeling soft and hydrated. The Total Comfort Shave Cream is the richest, most protective Dove Men+Care shave formula designed especially for drier skin. The third and final step is the “post-shave” because even the best shave can be tough on your face. The Dove Men+Care Expert Shave Intense Post-Shave Balm helps rehydrate and soothe skin quickly to help relieve shaving irritation and is clinically proven to help skin repair after shaving.

Are these products mostly for household consumer or do some barbers use them?

These products are intended for both the household consumer and barbers because they offer a premium grooming experience at the barbershop or at home.

Do these products have any formulation in common – moisturizing cream – with Dove soap or do they just share the same name?

Yes, the Dove Men+Care Expert Shave range is built on the same Dove brand heritage in cleansing, moisturizing and care. The shave cream, for example, uses the same patented DEFI technology that you’ll find in Dove Men+Care body washes, which also provide superior moisturization and care.

Are these products available internationally?

At the moment, the Dove Men+Care Expert Shave ranges is currently available nationwide at Target and

Were these products formulated for multi-ethnic consumer groups? People have different hair.

These products were formulated with all consumers in mind and they can be used by men of any ethnicity. We understand that men have different skin needs, and that’s why the Expert Shave range offers two shave creams, the Total Comfort Shave Cream for drier skin types and the Smoothing Shave Cream for normal to oily skin types.

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