Just like the stars, look younger traveling or at home: Personal Microderm (PMD) [classic article]

Most people love the idea of looking younger, but very few people feel like going to the doctor to do it. It’s expensive and not so convenient to those who live in smaller towns. If you’ve ever seen those articles and photos in magazines showing what sun damage looks like under special lights, you probably freaked out! No doubt, you wondered what your skin appears like to the people who glance on your visage.

Certainly, any way to appear younger while traveling and meeting new folks on the road, having new opportunities, should be convenient and not have to involve leaving your hotel room. Certainly, any method that doesn’t involve your 3-1-1 bag is bonus!

That’s why I was very happy to be hosted to experience PMD, Personal Microderm! It’s amazing the caliber of celebrities who adore PMD: Dr. Oz, the ladies of The View, the ladies of The Talk, the Today Show, Good Morning America, and many more. You could buy it at such luxe stores a Harrod’s in London, but why not enjoy the convenience and privacy by ordering it online?

It’s an electrical rotating device that uses suction and micro-planing to buzz off the dry, dead top layer of your skin. It helps get rid of dry patches, superficial sun freckles and more. It will help your skincare products penetrate better. It helps you get a fresher, more youthful look!

The device comes with very specific instructions, a “training” disk and different strengths of disks. I really appreciated the instructions and DVD, because some people (!) might have reservations using a device on their face. I very deliberately tried the device on a day where I didn’t have to go anywhere for a few days . . . I have sensitive skin and I didn’t know how it would look the next day. It looked great! It helps unclog pores and leave a smoother texture. Makeup applies so much better on the fresher surface.

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