Have prettier selfies and travel pics with Sculpt Secret[classic article]

Lately, I’ve been encountering a new phenomenon when I go on press trips: every little venue insists on taking a picture of me. Why? Is it to prove to some state functionary that I actually showed up? I hate it. I really do. Nothing I politely say — and none of my less subtle glares — gets me out of it.

I work very hard on press trips, which are almost invariably grueling: up and checked out at the crack of dawn, out and about until almost midnight. After actual writing, charging the iPhone, packing, researching . . . who has time for dolling up for photos? It depresses me to look like crap in a picture. I once threw out a whole roll of film my dad developed back in the day.

Certainly, one of the things I’d like to avoid in a picture is the appearance of a fat face. When traveling, your face can get puffy and swollen from a number of causes: lack of sleep, salty food, booze, cheap hotel laundry detergents, cheap hotel pillows, lack of circulation in sealed up rooms.

For a long time, I thought there was nothing that could be done about it all! Recently, I had occasion to really wish all the damage could be eased away: an important meeting. Fortunately, there’s now Sculpt Secret! It really does help and I was glad to be hosted to experience it.

The gel-creme comes in a perfect for 3-1-1 carry on travel bags and that’s a good thing: you can work on your face even while traveling! No, it’s not like having surgery, but it takes away that damage that you may have recently inflicted on yourself through a harsh lifestyle. Certainly, improving your lifestyle (and cutting down on carbs, salt, booze, etc.) will only help the situation.

You already know where on your face you need to use the product and massage it in — everyone’s different — but you already have been staring at the problem for a while.

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