Burned scalp traveling in the sun? Dr. Dorin rescues with Scientific Essentials![classic article]

I’ve been traveling all over the Deep South lately and between exposure to the sun and steaming my head under hats, I know what it’s like to have an irritated scalp. Not only is that uncomfortable, but it also makes it impossible to get my roots touched up! One summer, my scalp was so irritated, one lady salon owner refused to deal with me at all: “Sorry, Princess,” was her brusque reply.

So, what can you do? Well, if you need medical attention and can travel to NYC, Dr. Robert Dorin is an expert in just such issues.

Can’t travel to NYC? Fortunately, Dr. Dorin has created a luxurious line of hair care that is good for damaged hair and scalps. Many doctors have created skincare lines, but how about expert hair care lines? Scientific Essentials utilizes proteins, lipids, carbohydrates, water, and trace elements, governed by the laws of biochemistry and physics. I was very happy to be hosted to experience it!

The shampoo, conditioner and Revitalizing Mist are gentle — not some fake minty/tingly scalp irritant masquerading as “refreshing”. They have a sweet spice scent to my nose. They don’t contain silicones . . . I had wondered if I would be able to detangle my hair after showering, as it usually “takes a village”. The conditioner is rich on its own and a comb went through my wet hair easily. They aren’t foamy like detergent hair care products. Also, because the line doesn’t contain artificial silicones, etc., I recommend it to make hair be able to accept color in a truer way, along with its scalp soothing qualities.

The Revitalizing Mist adds additional detangling capabilities, as well as “oomph” for styling.

It’s worth going to the dollar store and getting 3-1-1 carry on travel bag containers to use these products on the road.

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